Case Studies

View how GP Ortho Tracking has been used to diagnose tracking issues with clear aligner cases, whether its Invisalign, Six Month Smiles aligners or In-House manufactured clear aligners. The following case studies show how corrections were made without any chair time, refinements avoided and patient's treatment shortened by catching issues quickly and resolving simply. In our day and age when telehealth is taking off for convenience, reducing chair time and seeing treatment cost savings, GP Ortho Tracking is a great solution that can work in nearly every workflow within the dental or orthodontic office.


Refinement entirely avoided with quick detection and simple adjustment, with NO dental chair time involved

Confirming orthodontic tracking is going well. Eliminated the need for an in-office visit and patient took care of this check in at their convenience.


Quickly diagnosing aligner cases that are not tracking. Simple corrective action can follow to avoid refinements. Works with all clear aligners, including Invisalign and Sure Smile aligners.