We got our start when Dr. Moorehead and his team began an in-house orthodontic aligner system in his Cincinnati, OH based practices. Dr. Moorehead found that patients didn't want to come in to the office for a 5 minute check and Dr. Moorehead didn't want the patient chair filled up for up to 1/2 hr for each visit. So we created a solution on our HIPAA compliant platform that could be offered at a much lower cost than the competitors in this marketplace. Patients love the convenience, Dr. Moorehead has loved the convenience of checking whenever he is free, and both time and money are saved for everyone. You should let the patients know they're the one who's winning, while we know you're winning too! And once we felt we had a solution to an industry wide problem of convenience, compliance and tracking, let's share it with other dentists facing the same issues. 

Yes. HIPAA compliance is something that does not come with an official certification but rather is a reflection of steps taken and processes implemented to comply with the laws and regulations surrounding HIPAA. Leveraging the documented HIPAA compliance of our host platform and email services (through signed Business Associate Agreements), we're confident that our service keeps HIPAA compliance in tact. Our website and service uses HTTPS for encryption in transit, we're hosted on a HIPAA compliant web and email platform, and we send the emails to you using both a HIPAA compliant email host and also subscribe to a third party email service that encrypts/protects emails sent to non-encrypted email hosts. This allows us to send encrypted email and take steps to secure the receiving end for people not using encrypted email addresses, to ensure they don’t breach HIPAA by simply opening the email.

We support all aligner systems. Our solution is a great fit for Invisalign, ClearCorrect, SureSmile, Ace Aligners, MTM, OrthoSnap, ClearFit, CA, CLX, Spark, K Line, Arcad, Ortho Caps, Six Month Smiles Aligners, etc.

Our founding doctor, Dr. Moorehead recommends no longer than every two weeks. Our preferred orthodontic guru Amanda Wilson DDS, MDS with Straight Smile Solutions recommends a weekly check in for patients. The sooner you can catch an orthodontic case deviating from proper tracking, the sooner you can get the treatment back on course. The choice is ultimately yours and our system will work and inform patients accordingly on your custom portal.

Our service is not a cloud storage solution for the information that patients upload through the form. There should be no expectation that the photo links sent in the submission emails will be active for longer than 1 week's time. 

Currently our system does not send reminders directly to patients. Our system is designed to be as flexible as possible with your work flow. Because practices utilize different patient management systems (such as Open Dental, Dentrix, Eaglesoft, etc.) and patient notification systems (Solution Reach, Lighthouse 360, Revenue Well, etc.), we've elected to keep our system out of the patient communication. This eliminates the need to enter in patient information into our system and provides flexibility for the practice to choose what works best for compliance with their patient base. We are continually evaluating how best to partner with our providers and look to your input on how our system can work best to help your patients notified. One solution our founding doctor, Dr. Moorehead, uses is providing 3 sets of aligners to the patient at a time and only upon successfully tracking with their orthodontics are the next sets of aligners provided to the patient. We'd love to hear your solution to ensure compliance, especially if we can help in that process!